Monday, October 3, 2016


Dear Journey,

Do you understand the connection?
Meditation brings knowledge:
that every-single-thing matters.
Nothing happens by accident.
Life is a gift and all that you experience
guides you toward your enlightenment.

Develop this awareness in nature
in order to see how you influence all life
and how all life influences you.
This is a critical feature to understand.

Everything in nature moves with grace.
There is no rigid structure to be found.
Each part of the whole sways effortlessly with the flow.
Even in death, beauty is magnified
by the organic compost that gives life to other forms.

It's all you.  Every time, all the time.
Do you know this?
Deny it if you want,
but who are you really trying to convince?

When you can see the sky touching the earth,
know that understanding is nearby.
It's here and always has been.
Become fully present in the now
if you want to see what I mean.

There is a constant hum in the background.
Can you hear it?
It is the blank page upon which words are written.
It holds mysteries whose answers
will help solve the puzzle.

Your senses create a distinction
between the self and the outside world.
This delusion is the foundation of ego.
While the ego is a tool,
you should attempt to attain
a deeper understanding of who you are,
seeing the separation as an illusion
and eliminating the indulgence
of your egotistic spectrum upon reality.

You are a son of God.
Earth is a training ground
that teaches you what it means to be holy.
When you realize this realization
will you be successful
and move on to the next.



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