Thursday, October 13, 2016

Living in the Vehicle

Living life on earth is a lot like driving down a road.  When you drive down a road, you are in control of a vehicle.  Now, this vehicle is not you, yet we often forget that, especially in others.  When driving, we do not necessarily recognize the other human inside the vehicle.  Rather, we interact with the vehicle itself.  We pay close attention to the other vehicles, for that is what we perceive to be capable of harming us.  When a vehicle swerves at us, we become upset because "that guy almost just hit us".  When we say "that guy" though, we are more referring to the vehicle than we are to the human inside.  Only when the vehicle gets close do we see the eyes that lie within the vehicle. 

In life we have a vehicle that we cannot easily step in and out of.  We are not our bodies.  We are the controllers of our bodies.  Often we perceive others by their vehicle.  We judge and speculate based on the vehicle. Only when we get close, do we see the eyes that lie within the vehicle.  When another body tries to harm us, we typically think of the body as harming us--associating the vehicle as the driver--when really, it is the driver who has forgotten he is not the vehicle.

Furthermore, we must not associate ourselves with our vehicle.  Like a car that needs repairs, so too will the body need repairs.  Frequently the body will become sick or damaged.  This damage to the body is not damage to you; remember that you are the driver of the vehicle and not the vehicle itself.  If you take this to its fullest truth, you can overcome sickness and many physical ailments. 

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