Wednesday, September 7, 2016

Hertz Donuts

Mikey was already hungry when his brother came up to him with a hand hidden behind his back.  “Hey bro, want a hertz donut?” he asked.
“I didn’t know you went to the store,” Mikey commented.  He was absorbed in his video game, but the mention of a donut had him intrigued.
His brother smiled a mischievous grin, “I didn’t. I brought this one home from school.”
“Hang on a second, let me finish this level.”  Mikey had already failed the level several times and was getting frustrated.  His mouth watered at the thought of dessert.  
“You’re not even good at this game,” his brother mocked.  “Let me see the controller.”
The distraction made Mikey hit the wrong button and his character jumped off a ledge.  “Great! Look what you made me do!” Quickly, he thought to use this as leverage.  “You owe me a donut or I’m telling mom.”
                  “Sure thing!” his brother cheered.  He took his fist out from behind his back and punched Mikey in the arm.  “Hurts, don’t it?” He laughed as he ran out of the room.
                  “What a jerk,” Mikey mumbled as rubbed his arm.  “Great, now I want a donut.”

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