Saturday, October 1, 2016

My Maniacal Muse

Locked away for days
atop an indigo flavored tower,
constructed by man
and kept alive by spirit,
lives my maniacal muse.

His purple flesh and wild eyes
dance to unheard rhythms,
which he aptly scribbles--
etching inspiration across my brain--
onto the surface of reality.

Though he bangs against his walls,
he knows that I only arrive when needed.
When I do show,
there's no telling how he'll act.
Sometimes he welcomes...

Overall, it doesn't matter
for we eventually merge as one
and he completely takes over.
I am lost
as the world hears his voice.

Who knows what happens during these times?
There's a reason he's restrained.
His writing indicates a strange disconnect
from all the world,
yet it is inspired.

When the job is finished,
he falls asleep (every single time!).
I tuck him in and lock the door behind.
Then I'm just me
and he slowly waking once again. 

Copyright 2015. JourneyHolm. All Rights Reserved.

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