Wednesday, October 19, 2016

Tao and the Buddha Nature

The last leaf falls upon the forest floor,
breathing life nevermore.
Replaced by a bud that takes its place
In essential essence, they have the same face.
Is there a difference between the two?
There probably is if it’s up to me or you,
because we see through egoic eyes
and therefore believe these egoic lies.
If truth be told, the leaves are the same,
but still you play this egoic game.
The leaves are Buddhas and they are all around,
on top of the forest and below on the ground.
For if we were to truly see,
we'd see that there is no leaf, but moreso a tree.
But wait, it's not over, you still see division and distinction.
Eliminate this derision and put into extinction
these thoughts that we are separate from all of this.
Once this is done, what's left is bliss.
But don't get greedy, Mr. Needy,
this bliss is not for you or me.
For so long as we think in terms of me or I,
we will be living in a blissless lie.
However, if you sit and relax your mind,
leaving all the world behind,
You'll start to be in the here and now.
Those who understand call it the Tao.

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