Thursday, October 13, 2016


Forever trapped under the circling sky
gravity keeps me from floating high
However, I do enjoy the warm grass
it is an emerald blanket
at the bottom of a cerulean sea
the cool air shifts as easily as the mind
The stars pull harder
a constant tug of war

Knowing nothing
is knowing everything
What we are told
is not what we should know
Eat the dirt
and spit to sow
My soul thus ponders
this constant tug of war

Birth is my dream
and death my birth
Look up high
and forever reside below
Does anyone ever wonder
to let everything go
What is the purpose
of our constant tug of war

Here I am born to die
all is one in the blink of an eye
All that ever was
is all that ever will be
Who is in the mirror
a shadow of what lies next
Awaken from this dream
end the constant tug of war.

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