Wednesday, October 5, 2016

Whispering Wayne

It had been a charming day.  Brittany and I were taking a quiet stroll through the lush green jungle of Dekalb’s backyard forest.  As we admired the various wildflowers and listened to the birds sing their sweet melodies, suddenly an air of darkness became increasingly present.  I slowed to a stop and felt chills run up the sides of my arms like a swarm of ants pouring forth from their nest.  I think Brittany felt the sensation too, because she looked at me with alarm in her eyes and came closer for protection.  

Looking around, my blood froze as I spotted a man standing in the bushes not ten feet from us.  He was staring at us with a vacant look in his eyes.  His expressionless face and gaunt figure made him seem haunting.  He just stood there, like an emaciated statue that had been completely forgotten by the world.  Without so much as batting an eye, he sent out menacing vibrations that changed the entire mood of the wood.  Then, his lips moved slightly.

At first, I thought he was just mumbling the nonsensical ramblings of a madman, but as he repeated what he had said, I realized that there was coherency to his words and that we needed to leave the forest immediately.  The next time he whispered his chilling tune, I was able to make out what he had said.  “There is a man in the bushes.” Again, it was barely audible, no more than a whispered message for anyone who would listen.  He repeated it again, at the same tone, and I couldn’t tell if he knew what he was saying.  It didn’t sound so much like a warning for us to heed.  Rather, it seemed like he was warning himself.  

Brittany and I quickly turned around and hurried away from that damned spot.  Just before we were about to turn onto a path that would take us out of view, I stopped and looked back to see if he had followed us. He hadn’t.  He was still standing there, in his grotesque way, whispering the same chant with nearly inaudible words and a pastiche, lifeless gaze.

As we briskly made our way out of the forest, it was difficult to see the beauty and splendor that once was.  We passed the same wildflowers and the birds again picked up their song, but all was now tainted with a sickly feeling that wouldn’t leave.  It was a while before we went back into that forest.  However, it was never like it had once been.  Eerie vibes lingered behind every tree and there was always the feeling that just beyond sight stood a man, whispering listless reflections of a distant reality that he would never grasp as his own. 

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