Saturday, November 5, 2016

Compiling Sentences

Challenge! Draw this character and send your drawing to  I'll upload the image to this blog post.

The other evening, I stumbled upon the most peculiar sight.

As I walked home from a study group at my friend’s house, I saw, underneath a soft street light, the strangest character I had ever seen. The first thing I noticed was his enormous head, which was the size and shape of Bigfoot’s finest foot. His ears were pointed like an elf’s, and he had Nike eyebrows above big, round eyes, which were the color of aqua-blue pools that seemed to float in the middle of his head. Moving down his face was a long Pinocchio style nose, which protruded outward like the end of a broomstick. Around his mouth was a long white beard that was as white as snow, and at the end of the beard dangled a single, black comb.

As I was wondering whether or not he had forgotten that the comb was even there, I suddenly felt sheer and unexplainable horror. As I looked closer at his mouth, I saw misshapen rows of pumpkin colored teeth set into old, purple, worn-out gums. Was this man even human? His lips were pink and chapped to the point of having several cuts about them because of their arid texture.

He started looking at me and as he did I felt an extreme desire to run away as fast as I could. Before I left, though, I saw how neatly he had parted his hair. To one side, he had combed his hair to look like a beautifully colored rainbow. This alone would have made up for all the grotesque features, I thought, until I saw the other side of his head, which was shaved bald, like a baby’s. He smiled a toothy grin and waved at me, as if to say hello.

At that moment I knew it was time to go. I turned and ran back to my friend’s house as quickly as I could, and never went down that street again.

Where did this come from? This was an assignment for a group of 7th graders practicing writing purposely descriptive sentences about a specific feature on an imaginary character.  I took all of their ideas for separate characteristic features and combined them into one person.

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