Friday, November 4, 2016

The Wise Worm

Once after a windblown storm
I met myself a slimy worm.
It said to follow him to There--
a place so grand he wouldn't dare

Speak of such a supple sight,
a place so bright and filled with light
that it consumed the passerby
with rapture and a large French fry.

He said that someday I would learn
his ways of boogers, grime, and squirm,
and if I wanted I could see
the way to live completely free.

I followed him across the yard,
down a ditch a onward toward
the road beside my dad's driveway
on the day before our garbage day.

Then he squirmed into a box
and wore some fries like Goldilocks.
Beaming like a bright sunflower,
he asked if I would help devour

The smorgasbord of sodium, potatoes,
and cardboard painted tomatoes
that no living creature could ever turn down.
This, he said, is where abundance is found!

What could I do?
What could I say?
I tried a few
and they were ok.

Copyright 2016. JourneyHolm. All Rights Reserved.

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