Monday, December 19, 2016

Message for Humanity

Technology is the gift of the ages. Everything humans have worked for is finally here. What are we to do with instant communication and unlimited information? A superior, intelligent race couldn’t have gifted us with something better. What will happen now that we have this jump in evolution? Do we control evolution or does it control us?

In either case, let us not be corralled into going this way or that. Move to your own rhythm, whether slow, steady, or fast. Let’s use the past to pave something greater. Perhaps, something aligned with the creator of love and life.

This is just a message for the pages of evolution. The fact I can write anything and be heard by at least a few is just the beginning. Each person that continues the freedom of our minds deepens all of humankind until eventually we will see the connection once again, in a new way. It always gets chaotic when the family comes together, but each time we strive to build a new community good things come of age.

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