Wednesday, December 7, 2016

The Drug Addicted Soul

Paranoia rots his drug-addicted soul.
It’s whispers are warnings
that his time is coming to an end.

Everything within him begs for change,
but each drawn-out day makes him forget
the hours of struggle for sobriety.

When the time comes, he’ll find
his strength has vanished.
In darkness, the habit consumes him.

He searches for euphoria,
hoping that this time it will last.
It never does.

Swirls of emotion, ups and downs,
become the numbed senses sought out.
Alas, instead of pleasure, he finds only regret.

Even using, he is never satisfied.
Listless, he walks here and there,
unable to find a place that feels right.

Tripping down dark alleys
he hunts his next fix
like a starving scavenger seeking spoils.

The next day, he’ll justify his actions,
but the truth always glares back in angry retort.
Cracked eyes mark his failure.

With head bowed in shame,
he cries sincere and sorry prayers,
hoping to leave it all behind.

For awhile, it seems to work.
He gets on like everyone else,
wondering if he is cured.

Does anyone ever change?
The day is bright,
but ultimately fades to black.

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