Friday, January 13, 2017

Bubbles the Bird

Once upon a time, on a hot, sunny day, there was a big blue bird named Bubbles.  Despite Bubbles’ bubbly personality, she had no friends.  All the other birds made fun of her solid blue color, mocking her that she was boring and even invisible when flying through the sky.  So, one day, Bubbles decided to add some color to her monochromatic feathers.  

She flew down to a puddle of muddy water and jumped and splashed around until she was covered completely in mud.  As Bubbles was preparing to fly back into the sky, she found that the hot sun had baked the mud right onto her body, turning her into an immobile statue.  As hard as she struggled, she could not break free from her hard mud casing.  

For a long, long time, Bubbles had to sit still, motionless, as she watched the other birds swoop and sing throughout the beautiful blue sky.  She realized that if only she had appreciated what she was given in the first place, and had not worried about what the other birds thought about her, she would be having as much fun as they were right now.  If she had loved her blue body and disregarded the judgment of all the other birds, then she would still be free to swoop and sing like everyone else. 

Then, one day, it rained and all the hardened mud washed off of Bubbles.  It was like she had been born again.  Immediately, she took to the dark sky.  While all the other birds cowered in their nests, they watched in awe as a beautiful blue creature soared in and out of the brooding clouds.  Because of her newly found insight into her life, Bubbles no longer feared storms or what other birds said.  

She lived the rest of her days in complete bliss, fluffing her blue feathers and showing off her aerial abilities.  Since she was so wonderfully positive about who she was and what she could do, the other birds looked at her in amazement, wishing they could feel as free as her too.  Soon, they befriended Bubbles, asking her what her secret to happiness was.  With a simple tweet, Bubbles flew up into the blue sky, swooping and singing all day long.

The End

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