Tuesday, June 20, 2017

Doe and Fawn Nuzzle

Hiking up the mountain to Rainbow Falls, Tennessee, we stopped abruptly to watch as a family of deer crossed over the path right in front of us. We became motionless, emitting waves of peace and calm. The deer were seemingly unfazed by our presence. They grazed nearby, slowly getting closer as the minutes passed. At their nearest, they were probably five feet away from us. The fawn was the bravest, with mother carefully eyeing us from behind. The baby just watched us, as we watched it, fascinated by each other's form and expression of life. After about ten minutes, they moved on, deeper into the forest, and out of our sights for the rest of the hike. Seeing them was an expansive experience. It was as if they brought with them a sense of tranquility that lasted with us the rest of the day.

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