Tuesday, July 11, 2017

Dividing Differences

If you're looking for differences, I've got a few.
But to what degree is up to you.
We're all different, so we're the same.
A different name playing a different game.
You, me, we are parts to a whole;
a total much greater than ourselves. 
Yet, I see you where you stand, because here I am.

Down and up, lost and found, and everything in between
are the differences that teach us lessons
and provide purpose in the unknowable experience (experiment?) called life.
Experienced experimenters navigate the oceans consciously.
They see the surface, but know its depths.
Beware of monsters.

Early in the morning, a man rises and prepares for his day.
Later that evening, he goes to bed a completely different person.
At night, he disappears into abstract realms he’ll never remember.
Tomorrow, he’ll try to become something other than he is,
unknowingly creating struggles that will ultimately lead
to greater truths for his life and many others to follow.
Then he dies.

Yesterday, was good. Never forget it,
but do not let it lead you astray today.
Be. Here. Now. This very moment.
Slow down. Breathe. In. Out.
This has never happened before
and it will never happen again.
Let it go and find the next bit of beauty.

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