Monday, October 10, 2016

Senor Conchetta

Once, there was a sailing cloud that floated across the starry night sky. 
All he wanted was to greet the day and wave the night goodbye. 
For during the day, people stared, marveling at his grace. 
But throughout the night or fading light, no one could see his face. 

And then, one day, the night dried up, never to return,
leaving behind the scorching sun and earth for it to burn.
At first the cloud was elated because all the world would see
his puffy plumes and vapor fumes and air of sweet care free.

But soon he felt lighter and not entirely himself.
A friend of his, a once bulbous beast, was also lacking health.
They wondered why they were feeling less, when their one desire was had.
Feeling low with no will to grow, when they should be feeling glad.

And then it came all at once: that good is not what it seems.
Rather, day and night must work together as a wonderfully dynamic team.
We need the dark, to calm our minds and balance out our life.
It starts to fade like an ending wave, when there is only peace without strife.  

The cloud wished with all his might that day would turn to night.
So that he could regain his sense of might and soar to greater heights.
Soon, he noticed that the sunny sky was slowly starting to fade,
and began to fill with the abundance of life that he was made.

When it grew dark, he decided to rest,
releasing all that he had stressed.
It took him a while to fill once again,
but, nevertheless, it happened to him and, also, his friend.

Now we see, floating high on a cool, evening breeze,
Senor Conchotta and his friend, sailors of heavenly seas.

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