Thursday, September 29, 2016

A Drop in the Ocean

When I get out of bed, I remember the last thing that God said, which was in my mind.  

I find that a reflection of this introspection first thing will bring a spring of grace into the day.  It may be in the form of a cookie crumb, the use of my thumb, or some other ordinary sight.  I might see it as God, or upon later reflection He'll prod at my thought until I realize the story I'd bought from the world earlier that day.  

If I pray for this insight, I fight against what already is.  Like a wizard spinning magic from thin air, it is clear that God is here, right now.  Whether in the cow or in a cloud, I can see beyond the veil.  

So, all hail the King of the Cosmos, the dealer of rainbows in the multifaceted hands of life.  The sharpest edge of a knife cannot slice away His being.  

I am seeing that even the tiniest sliver which can be cut is but a drop in the ocean of God.

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