Wednesday, September 28, 2016

A Reminder

Shapeshifter of light, burning bright,
piercing through the dark of night,
bringing dawn to man
from eternal span,
with holy plan.
Can you stand its power,
in the wake and hour of hope?
Through minute scope
we grab the rope to be lifted
without any real faith.
The gift is right here.
Right now.
In this how and when.
When we see again our connection,
through introspection and correction
of our understanding of the ALL,
we will fall on our knees,
beg and plead
to have another shot.
Not to win or remove sin,
but to recognize the spot
where we and everything will begin.
The here.
The now.
We are living in the Garden,
yet continue to harden
the neuroplasticity of our mind,
hoping to someday find a cure
in the spur and rush of time
for all that reminds us of what we are not.
We wish to forget
how we beget the world to and fro.
Know the sacred.
Sow the seeds of peace.
Release the concrete heart you hide.
Inside, the surprise is waiting.
Do what you want,
but know that it's already been done.
The fun is still to be had.
The fads are changing and so are you.
Which way will you go?
How will you grow?
Tow and anchor a higher realm.
Turn this world upside down
so that a frown is a smile
and a smile is a mile long.
If not, it's not wrong,
unless you think so.
Be strong
like the scarecrow
and defend the fields with all your might.
You might come to understand
that you are guarding sacred land.
See how free one can be
in stillness.
The glee is overwhelming.
A blanket of electrified air
chills the body,
raising tiny hairs.
Tears flow.
Happiness ensues.
Use this as a reminder.
Take off the blinder.
Remember you are the finder.
It is you.
It is here.
It is now.

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