Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Light Pours Through the Trees

Stare at the trees and they are brown.
Stare at the green which flows from the ground.
Everything is glistening, like light reflected from gold.
But relax and see there is more to be found
when you awaken and begin to look all around.
What is happening outside this beautiful mold
goes beyond what we are ever told
to notice or observe.

For at first there is fear to explore the deeper well
but with practice all becomes clearer than one can spell

It is that which is not near, nor is it far,
the light on a leaf like the twinkle from a star.
It is the greater picture that I see
and it only occurs when you set your mind free.

Free from the image that you look at so deeply.

It is all around you--
the light through the shadows
and the shadows through the light
the bugs in the earth
and the insects which hover about.
The sounds are constant, there is no need to shout
or speak even
for the trees will still sway
moving with the wind as if to say:

"Sit still and listen, look all around.
Did you notice that leaf fall to the ground?
Awaken your mind it is God that you see.
Always with you, working to set you


from this Maya, this play, this trick of time
making you think there is something to find.
But there isn't. It's here. And it always was."

Always with you, the life that you live.
It is you! Wake up and realize
that you do not need anything,
for you can see without eyes--
See the truth and all that it brings,
it is the reason the wind blows and why the bird sings.

Jump up or sit down, it is your choice and always was.
Be free or stay shackled.
Fear limits you so do not be afraid.
Goals give you something to strive for but do not let them limit you.

Open yourself to the adventure and mystery of life and be in awe!

The future is there, the past is clear,
do not dwell on either for too long.
Be here and you will be strong.

Every animal in nature is in the here and now.
The deer walks step by step.
The bird sings only its song.
There is no good or bad in nature.
There is no right or wrong.

Step out of your mind and see what you find.
It is beautiful, wonderful,
peaceful, and proud.
Perfection is what is all around us.
Chaos comes forth from the mind.

Be free in all that you choose to do.
For it is your choice.

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