Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Sensitivity of the Mind

Sensitivity of the mind is influenced from vibrations all around!  What overwhelming qualities when pictures turn to sound.  All are thoughts like words are symbols, spoon feeding us extrinsic information in conglomerated thimbles.  Each suggesting a path with many roads untaken, offering us a limited view of meanings turned forsaken.  

Try to free your mind with so many forms around, born in every moment of wakefulness even though they make no sound.  The mind gives form to things unsaid, grinding away the thoughts flying, manifesting in the head.  

Be still and silent, eliminate the noise.  See that your connection to it all is like a child to its toys.  Grow up now, regardless of your age, not in sense of views or things, but in understandings like a sage.  Be still and see what's real.  Only then you should begin to feel.

Limitations are constructions of the mind that other people impose on you so that you are left behind, while they attempt to prosper with continuation of unduly prosperities that bring nothing in their life but other snide unclarities.  

Limiting others is limiting the self; putting aside the truth which gathers dust on the shelf.  Act with freedom and break from your chains.  It was always your sleigh, so take up dem reigns.  Fly like a metaphorical bird to your metaphorical shelf.  Dust off the book you call yourself.  Open the pages and learn your wealth!

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