Friday, September 30, 2016

Zeus' Benevolence

Ambrosia fields of plenty
Beget meals for many
Cornucopia gatherings and
Delicious banquets that brew
Effervescent libations, elations ensue
For the omniscient and omnipotent

Gods of yore, filling themselves with great
Helpings that pile upon their plate
In mounds that mimic creation--
Jellies and jams bathing the land,
Kissing countrysides and
Loving the deep caresses of cool valleys.

Mountaintops are but dropped scraps
'Neath deity's laps,
On which humans wage war--
Pursuing riches and power,
Quarreling hour after hour:
Revealing our limited understanding of life.

Stomaches full, growing bored,
The gods turn their attention toward
Us, a race built upon
Vicious interventions, believing, audaciously,
We will, progressively,
Xerox their heaven upon our earth...

Yet, we're building with crumbs and waste:
Zeus' benevolence, "Let them taste."

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