Saturday, October 1, 2016

Anthology of Human Existence

Life is a sea of concrete
molded and paved by society.
Stay on the road
if you want to get somewhere.

Adventures that travel
across beaten paths
are for bushwackers and monsters,
or so we're told.

Beyond the physical realms
await the wild jungles,
twisting stairways and hidden secrets
of the mind.

Living beyond the pale
Is different than what we've created.
We've mated our mind with machine
instead of binding through nature.

Infinite amounts of people
projecting infinite realities
on sound and light
usher us into the now.

Despite the astounding number of possible paths,
the looping turns of spaghetti highways
send people in the same direction
and we feel stuck in traffic.

Eventually the bodies take command
and people trek their own roads.
Alas, most will merge back into the fast
pace of manmade moving machines.

To those who do make it,
what is it like
to live a life with unique intent?
Is it still possible?

Regardless of your choice,
the sun sets and rises the same for all.
What you do with night and light
is how you feel about the path you've chosen.

We're all going somewhere,
but does anyone know where?
The answer is left,
into newfound territories,
the wild west of some frontier.

Mayhap we'll merge machine with a tree
to see what we can be,
or perhaps free ourselves
from thinking we need machines at all.

We'll digress into an agricultural age...
yada yada yada...
These words are said out of ignorance
for they cannot know what they have not experienced.

Educated as they may be
the education is essentially complimenting itself
by trying to keep itself alive
by means of what made it.
Not anarchy, just an understanding.
No lesson or model to follow.
Notice how I relay my words
into your mind, which is now ours.

The Canterbury Tales of our every day saga
are worth mentioning
so that more will create their own story
adding to the anthology of human existence.

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