Monday, November 14, 2016

Simplicity is Finest

A perfunctory tune may ruin our vibe, but a tribe set against singing too loudly might have intended for this absence of energy all along.  What we deem as wrong might be right for another.  Our brothers across the globe move with the sound of nature surrounding their peripheral being.  While we cling to format and regimented creations, their elations come from a natural setting. 

I’m betting that the bird chirps as it ought to, for it has got to give all that it has in order to continue its upward flight.  In spite of the reckless nomenclature we base our society around, the ground still stands sturdy, even though the birdy has evolved beyond this realm.  Let us use film to track our journey as we expand our minds in a time of great change.  In the end, our range will be great.  Hopefully we can relate to the simple sounds of our primal relatives once again.

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