Thursday, November 24, 2016

Thanks Giving

Slowly, he raised his cup to his forehead, blessing its contents and thanking God for its sustenance and nutrition.  Opening his eyes revealed a deeper understanding of the meaning of this meal.  There was more than just food sitting on this table made of alabaster wood.  It was a gift from the universe that was meant to propel us into higher vibrational frequencies and understandings of our time together.  

We recognized that every movement we made was a movement in and throughout a sacred space.  Every word was a noted choice rather than a necessity. With each syllable, we made the decision to express only the deepest levels of our soul.  Moving slowly, we took each other’s hands and bowed our heads in prayer.  Relating our thanks and cherishing this and every experience that arose within our fields of consciousness, the fogs of our minds cleared and we again began to realize our connectedness to the all.  

For a brief moment, the lights in the room dimmed and our spirits shone forth a bright array of translucent colors and patterns.  Honeycomb pillars of fire and webs of life hung in the corners of our field of vision.  After we finished expressing our tokens of appreciation for this and every moment to come, we ended with the hum of Om, the ancient primordial reverberation of our and everyone’s ancestral origins.

Echoed back to us were chimes and pulsations that brought the light back to its original luminescence.  We looked and smiled at each other because we knew how interconnected we really were.  This was not the first time we had shared this feeling.  Each time, however, was like a special gift.  When this gift was opened, the present was presence and it allowed us to linger in a state beyond the realm of time.  The essence of these meanderings and internalized emotion made us cachinnate deep belly laughs that cleared our lungs and enlightened our chests.  Our bodies became energized with tiny electrical sensations.  The totality of it all would have brought us to tears if we hadn’t experienced it before.

With a great sigh, we gently lifted our utensils and began consuming the organic feast that lay before us.  Each bite was an exquisite gustatory sensation that exceeded the last.  With eyes partially shut, we experienced the juicy passion of the meal at hand.  Each of us felt extremely grateful for this opportunity to share the warmth and nutrition of this meal.  Sidelong glances with smiling eyes indicated that we all felt the same way.  Smirks of understanding and happiness kindled the vibration an even higher level.  

The meal itself took many hours to complete.  From the moment we began making it to when the last morsel of food was absorbed into our systems, it spanned nearly the entire day.  We were never in a hurry to start or finish such projects.  The act and interaction in these times was the core of the festivities.  We found out long ago how to take our sweet time and appreciate every moment as it came and went.  We often took all forms of hiatus to dance, sing, stretch, or laugh.  The silliness was part of the purpose for these times.  Like children, we molded our creation in whichever ways we desired.  Whether it was lava cake or spaghetti sewers, the pure essence of it all held a holy spirit of communion that was typically experienced only in dreams.  

When our session was complete, we again bowed and paid our respects to all the plants, animals, hard work, and energy that went into creating this meal.  After the prayer, we sat in stillness for quite some time.  Nothing need be said, for it was in the stillness that every part of the day culminated in absolute beauty and tranquility.  Lifting our heads, our eyes rested on the soft show of polychromatic flora.  Before us lay a bouquet of five flowers that sat in an ornate vase upon the table.  Each fragrant blossom was a symbol of our friendship, growing in sweet individual essence and becoming even more wonderful when organized together. We each took one and promised to add it to our personal collection of pressed relics from similar times passed.  Hugs and a few tears formed as we embraced in an effort to remember this time until the next. 

Quietly and carefully I descended the steps from this magical place of worship.  We never knew when the next time might be that we could get together in this way, but we knew that it would arrive whenever the time was right.  On my way home that evening, I understood how important it is to make every moment, every movement, and every choice a conscious decision to raise your awareness of every moment, every movement, and every choice.  In life, we need only to slow down and feel the motion of your body and consciousness interact with all of reality in order to experience a fullness of life.  Doing so will amplify our humanity and connectedness to the entire universe.  Again, I cried a hearty and abundant laugh.  Chanting and recanting the sounds of old, I drove off into the depths and dark of the night.

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