Wednesday, December 14, 2016

Life is Like Controlled Breathing

Life is like controlled breathing. 

Breathing in is like feeling high.
Breathing out is like feeling low. 
Breathing in, we progressively feel better.
Breathing out, we progressively feel worse.

Holding breath in at maximum inhale is like feeling the best.
Holding breath out at full exhale is like feeling the worst.
Holding breath in, one has all one can want.
Holding breath out, one can only suffer.

Too much in breath is like being high.
Too much out breath is like suffocating.
Too much in breath, the world starts to spin.
Too much out breath, the world turns dark.

People should not enjoy only in breath.
People should not fear out breath.
People should breathe evenly, both in and out.
People should breathe steadily, slowly in and out.

Life is like controlled breathing.
Eventually, you lose control.
When you let go, though, the flow
Of life continues to coarse through every single molecule—
Energy so beyond normal understanding
Because we are taught understanding in school…

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