Thursday, December 29, 2016


Only the soft sprinkles of a Spring rain can ease the pain of my dried-out soul.  Winter has taken its toll by burning me with the bitter cold frost bite of wicked winds and lack of life.  Now, with new buds blooming and birds singing their sweet songs, I remember what it was like to live life without a constant stream of madness sucking away at my energy, pulling me this way and that.  My tired body can finally rest.  My mind can slow down.  

As I ease my knees into a locked position upon my thighs, my eyes close and I again hear the hum of God vibrating in my ears.  It seems like years since I last connected to this source, but, of course, it’s only been a few hours.  The powers of this world are strong.  So long as I submit my will to their madness, I will never alleviate the sadness that I feel all around.  

Coming back to the sound of eternal vibration will lift my soul into elation and refresh the relationship between body and mind.  I find that these momentary lapses of maniacal delusion allow for the infusion of a sacred energy to spread throughout my limbs.  As if my sins were washed away by the rivers of life, a knife has been released from my heart so that I might start loving once again.  

By the end of this meditation, I feel more open to the world’s changing ways.  Its craze is satiated by the incubated passion that forever flows within my brain.  It’s all a game; even my name.  I release all effort to tame the torrential download of programs and remember that I need only to come back to the eternal buzz.  Because, that’s the truth.  It brings me into a state of youth and I become new once again.

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