Sunday, December 25, 2016

Once Upon a Time

He was an old, chubby man with pale skin and a snowy beard.  Dressed in a ruby-red dinner jacket, he reminded me of a cherry about to pop.  We met at a banquet hall on the east end of Ever After.  It was a fairy tale wedding and I was sitting at a neatly plated table.  

He approached me from behind and began poking at my shoulder with a saintly finger.  I turned to observe his robust form as he insisted that I was in his seat.  I assured him that I was properly placed and that I would not be moving.    In a huff, he stormed out of the room.  

Returning, he brought a worldly man, dressed in a striped shirt and cap.  The gentleman asked to see my name tag, which I gladly shared.  After giving it a quick glance, he bent down and whispered something into the chap’s ear.  

I could see the old boy’s anger rise as he realized the irony of the situation.   He began to wheeze audibly.  Now amused, I told him that I would move if he provided me with a nominal fee.  I smirked with vengeance, knowing that I had cornered him at last.

He began fumbling over his words, like Porky Pig struggling to express a deep-seated rage.  I bathed in the moment, letting it mend the many times I awoke to an empty tree.  Finally, after a lot of hoeing and hawing, he paid the toll.  

Before I left, I wanted to thank the tall gentleman for playing along, but I couldn’t find him.  No matter, my story had a sweet ending.  I mused about the evening as I sauntered back to my bridge.  Santa flies his sleigh and trolls don’t make the nice list.  I guess this is why.

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