Thursday, December 15, 2016

Remember This Day

Remember this day,
for it is your day
to do with whatever you desire.
Whatever you do, make it you.

Breath in the world,
for it is your world
in which you can become anything
and change in any way you see fit.

The world is a mirror
in which you find yourself.
See the colors and feel the air.
They are here for you to enjoy.

Smile at your reflection.
It's so complete.
The only thing missing,
what you've always been seeking, is you.

Wake up and realize
that you are the center of it all.
The entire universe
is balanced upon your mind.

Drink clean water and eat good food.
They are there for you as blessings.
Everything is here for you.
What will you create?

Be in this moment,
for it is always now,
just as it has always been
since the beginning of time.

Everything that happens,
happens for a reason.
You chose to have these experiences.
Let them be your teacher.

Become your best self.
Do what you've always dreamed.
Know that God is with you.
He never left.

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