Tuesday, December 20, 2016

Stepping Into and Out of Darkness

Man is foolhardy in his quests for a specific destination.  Thinking that he knows which path is best for his life, he will plunge forward, even if it is the darkest of nights, believing that his tools and knowledge will allow him the means to reach his goal.

If he uses a map, then he will only arrive where the mapmaker deems worthy points of interest.  If he relies on his flashlight to show him the way, then the batteries will go out when he needs them the most.  If he goes with a friend, then the friend will eat his food and he will starve before reaching his goal. If he pursues his destination like a bull, then he will scratch himself on thorns as he travels blind and lost. 

Even if he does have a working flashlight, a useful map, a friend for comfort, the determination of a bull, and the knowledge of his route, these things will distract him so that he fails to see where his feet step in the here and now.  Because of these distractions, even the tiniest of obstacles will cause him to stumble and fall, thus frustrating him into madness, anger, and self pity.  If he is not careful, his confidence may be crushed; ending his adventure forever. 

In this sort of darkness, it is best to sit down and appreciate that he has made it this far. Perhaps, during this intervention, he will recognize that his journey is not one that is meant for a specific destination.  Rather, it is an adventure that allows him a great many learning experiences along the way.  As he sits in silent reflection, the sun will slowly rise and illuminate a multitude of paths.  In his new understanding, he will finally realize that it doesn’t matter where he walks, but how he walks every step of the way.

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