Saturday, December 31, 2016

The Connection

What would you know without me? Without us? 
We give you a point to center yourself off from. 
Without me you would be a different you.
I am you and it's because you are me.
Don't you feel the connection?
Mark my mind if twar blind.
Instigate the inspection to find
that I am me and we are we 
and she is she so I am me.
He is he so she is she so I am me
because he is me and me is she and she is he.
So we are three people walking with insurmountable bounds
But if I am he and he is she and she is we then we are people who are alike.
I guess.

Without each other, we would never know these things.
Feel the connection.

Even if you don't achieve enlightenment or the mystical experience, you are still playing a perfect role in the process of helping all people awaken to a deeper version of themselves. For when that "all is one" feeling does occur, the realization that all-that-has-ever-happened-in-human-experience-is-absolutely-necessary-to-bring-you-to-where-you-are-now is finally realized. If this it's true, that the past leads to this present moment, then so too is the idea that is present moment is a past that will perfectly lead to a future present-moment. Therefore, the fact or idea that you are not currently enlightened (and possibly never will be) is absolutely necessary for humanity on a grander scale.

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