Saturday, January 14, 2017

A Tale of a Tail

I cut my mouse in half.

Bisection of its tail.

It didn't end well.
Although, we never expected it to,
for it was a hideous experiment.

Do you wish to hear the tale?
Or should I say tail?
It doesn't matter,
I'm going to tell you anyway.

My fiance was wondering how to teach her students
to use a computer mouse.
It's not an easy task
for a student with severe autism
to recognize that the mouse manipulates the screen.

I got the idea to take a wire coat hanger
and attach it to the mouse
with a marker on the uppermost end,
like a bent arm drawing.

As you moved the mouse,
it's wire arm would move too.

I tied a dry erase marker to the end
to simulate the mouse impacting a screen--
the whiteboard, just above.

With all my might,
I tried to rip out the tail of the mouse.
I wanted to stick the wire hanger
in its hole,
but it wouldn't come out.

I struggled and wrestled with the beast,
eventually bringing a weapon into the battle--
scissors sharp and ready.

I sliced through its tail
like cutting through a rodent's tail
with a pair of scissors.

After that, it was over.
We tried to attach the hanger some other way,
but it was of no use.

The terrible and potentially dangerous idea lay in a heap,
my mouse and its tail now useless.

The End

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