Sunday, January 1, 2017

Bar Scene

Head bobbers and body jiggers fill the night. A man orders his concoction, and a conversation ensues. People acting like adults swarm in masses. What makes them continue their intoxication? Three drinks sit equadistant in front of me, taking up space in a place where space was intended to be taken up.

Anonymous faces dance with moves like Jagger. The wisdom of the evening hangs in transcendence, waiting for someone to grasp its meaning. Drinks flow as smooth as the pen across paper. Drinks to mouths, the intended destination. Hopes of fluid movement and conversation prevails.

If you stay alert, you will never stop learning. Many wonderful things are happening all around you. Just ask a bouncer. He may not agree to their wonders, yet he is ever vigilant. Alas, this is the age when people watch what is happening in front of them through video cameras and tv screens. As I sit amidst my peers, I recognize that I am living in the days of lost.

Long moments have passed now. A man shoots pool. Having missed, he is deeply upset with himself.

Seats. They vacate and include constantly. They are the merry-go-round in all sense of the word. Who is not happy when sitting?

Often times it is challenging to do what you want. Act how you will, but I bet it is because of your surroundings rather than who you truly are.

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