Friday, January 27, 2017

Forget Your Own Name

If I was God,
I think I'd be bored
because if I knew all
there'd be not to look toward.

Like watching a movie
for the one millionth time
I'd know the all the scenes
and speak every line.

Which would make perfect sense,
since I played every part,
from beginning to end,
in every moment and every heart.

I even transformed
into a limited being.
The pain of the world
had somehow been freeing.

If I was God,
I'd feel like a parent
who was raising a child
with a loving impairment. 

I'd want the world to know
how close I could be,
but then I'd think clearer
and see only me.

I think that God's lonely,
so he forgets His own name,
joins His creation
and plays out the game.

If you look into the heart
of any possible thing,
then there you'll find God
and merge with His being.

Once this occurs,
nothing's the same.
You see that you're God,
and forget your own name.

It's scary at first,
but once it moves past
you come back to earth
and try to broadcast.

Alas, the masses don't understand
and the message is never quite clear.
But in the end, it was all meant to be
exactly as it was written here.

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