Wednesday, January 25, 2017

The Illusion of Time

Imagine a world with no time.  If you reflect, I think you’ll find that truly there is no specific date and that being late is just an illusion to eliminate confusion as we try to understand the world in canned form.  It has become the norm to believe that we exist during a specific year and hour.  We adhere to the power of the clock and allow it to lock us into place, creating slaves as we race to and fro with thoughts that we will go somewhere other than where we always have been.  A proper zen might snap us out of this delusion.  Alas, the infusion of the hourly circuit makes us work it until our fingers are numb.  It’s making us dumb; the thumb of the man holding us down so we can sparkle his crown with rocks that the flocks confuse as wealth.  All the while, their health is depleting as they lose fleeting moments to the ticking tock that mocks every moment of their lives. Time.

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