Monday, January 2, 2017

The Most Beautiful Battle

Ten danced in attendance at the festival of interdependence from society.  The shoddy lighting didn’t prevent the sacred hearts from fighting for fierce exodus from the powers that be.  I saw twirling flames and silly games going all around, like a carousel or centrifuge spinning wildly in the night.  I might have joined, had I not been defeated only hours before.  It was a gory scene, but I fought valiantly until my last breath.  

Our team was made up of thirteen warriors of light.  We set out into the night with a desire to overcome the pains and throngs of a failing world.  Someday, tales might tell of this starlit siege.  We pledged to make a difference or die trying.  As we walked up to the suppressing forces of our time, we climbed over inebriated bodies with minds full of unholy communion.  Fortunately, our union was solid and did not deter from our intended goal of manifesting a ripple in the matrix.

Flower children planted seeds of love in these sands.  Hands were laid upon desperate souls and many were healed on that historical eve.  Even though I fell, I believe that stories will tell of a brief moment where the tides shifted from violence to peace.  A piece of my legacy will live on in the forest that grows from sowed plants in the hearts of man.  

One can never be sure, but for a brief second, I thought I saw the sun peak over the horizon.  Day was waking up, peeking an eye at the earth below.  I said hello with my last breath in an elated tune.  Soon the darkness will diminish and our story will be finished, making way for another chapter in the story of life.

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