Friday, November 6, 2015

New Word: Knowhere

[noh-ware; noh-wair]

Technically a contraction of "know" and "where." Knowhere is a necessary addition to the dictionary. Although the etymology of “know” is sparse, “where” is a bit more clear. To “know” is to have the inside information, the truth, or the perception of. Alas, this does not really tell us what it means to “know.” “Where” is a specific place, perhaps unknown.

Knowhere is the acknowledgment of.

You knowhere there party’s at.

Complex example:

In a pirate voice:
"Arg, do ye knowhere the booty’s buried?"


Knowhere is the opposite of nowhere. It’s the point or place that is known. Also, a state of being.

The village is knowhere, just south of latitude 41.7817, longitude -124.1008.

Complex example:
I am knowhere.

In a pirate voice:
"Arg, me seas the spot. Let’s sail south to knowhere."

“I’ll always knowhere we met. The summit of our lives and we never came down. It was our utopia, our knowhere—a place that we call home.”