Short Stories

Title: Spring Fever
Description: A cloud of crimson butterflies swarms the unlucky countryside.

Title: A Sum of Scenarios
Description: A more complicated piece that may take several reads to make sense.  I don't want to give it away.  Let me know what you think in the comments.

Title: In the End, It Doesn't Even Matter...
Description: A bit of a pointless story that relates the cycle of life and death.

Title: How Was Your Shopping Experience?
Description: This is an actual review I wrote for a cashier at Safeway.

Title: Compiling Sentences
Description: This was an assignment for a group of 7th graders practicing writing purposely descriptive sentences about a specific feature on an imaginary character. I took all of their ideas for separate characteristic features and combined them into one person.

Title: Year 1
Description: A satirical interpretation of the 2016 election madness.

Title: Autumn Leaves None Behind
Description: When a storm wipes out an entire ant colony, one lone ant risks her life to save the queen.

Title: Thanksgiving
Description: Sharing time with friends and experiencing the magic of life is Thanksgiving.

Title: Indigo Winter
Description: A message of unity during the hardest of times.

Title: Peter's Bubble Blessings
Description: One man, changing the world one bubble at a time.

Title: Once Upon a Time
Description: Can you figure out this festive riddle?

Title: Bar Scene
Description: Sitting in a bar, observing the people.

Title: The Most Beautiful Battle
Description: Warriors of light unite!

Title: Odd Amounts of Modesty
Description: An odd story indeed.  I wrote this for students practicing figurative language analysis.

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