Title: Waves of Emotion
Description: An analogy for understanding depth of self.

Title: A Reminder
Description: A reminder of the deepest truth, one which resides within us all.

Title: Vedanta
Description: A reminder to myself of the truth of reality.

Title: Living in the Vehicle
Description: An analogy between human interaction and road traffic.

Title: Release from Samsara
Description: A poetic analogy between the spirit, the mind, a tree, and its root system.

Title: A Soft Drizzle
Description: Meditation in a cool, rejuvenating rain.

Title: The Importance of Direct Experience
Description: A short essay on the importance of direct experience for all those seeking a deeper understanding of the world they live in.

Title: Tao and the Buddha Nature
Description: All of life is an illusion of duality perpetuated by the one into many.

Title: A Challenge
Description: I challenge you to be present.

Title: Help Waking Up
Description: Here are some links to keep you inspired along your path.

Title: Lotus Sutra
Description: One of my favorite meditations, anytime, anywhere.

Title: Inventing Your Life
Description: Pierce through the fog of confusion and create the solution that the problems you see.

Title: Parables and Anecdotes about Spirituality
Description: Here are several links to spiritual videos and various sayings/anecdotes.

Title: It's All YOU!
Description: Recognize the dream that you live.

Title: Shifting the Planet
Description: The world depends on you. How will you change it?

Title: Adventure
Description: Awaken your inner soul.

Title: Life's Hidden Lessons
Description: Life is your teacher.  Pay attention.

Title: Life is Like Controlled Breathing
Description: In and out, up and down, good and bad, life fluctuates evenly.

Title: Remember This Day
Description: This day is for you.  What will you do with it?

Title: The Perfect Flaws
Description: Everything and everyone is perfect.  Do you understand?

Title: A Message for Humanity
Description: We are so blessed, gifted, and privileged.

Title: Stepping Into and Out of Darkness
Description: Sit still and you will find your way.

Title: Sound the Alarm!
Description: It's all you, right here, right now.

Title: Still the Will
Description: Open your mind to see Him.  Are you ready?

Title: A Movement Back to Spontaneity
Description: Inspired by Alan Watts, a push toward spontaneity.  Life like a child.

Title: Unspeakable Laughter
Description: Need a good laugh?  Laughter is contagious.

Title: Meditation
Description: A moment in time, meditating in the woods.  Alive, all is still.

Title: Spiritual Quotes
Description: A hodgepodge of spiritual quotes.

Title: The Connection
Description: We are all connected and absolutely necessary.

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