Title: Gentleness
Description: A recognition of the vastness of life and my purpose within the grand cosmic scheme.

Title: Bar Scene
Description: A commentary on the robotic reactions of those dabbling in intoxication.

Title: Whispering Wayne
Description: A creepy encounter in the forest with a whispering stranger.

Title: Emerging from a Funk
Description: There are two sides to a coin, both absolutely necessary to make up some change.

Title: A Slow, Soft Inchworm
Description: An interaction in an intersection where all of life comes to a halt.'

Title: The Meaning of Maya
Description: An interaction with a homeless woman on my way home from work.

Title: Would Have Been
Description: A reflection on Spinoza's theories and a commentary on fate.

Title: The Delusion of the Illusion of Control
Description: Don't be fooled. It's always been this way and always will be. It's all the same.

Title: The Race
Description: Never slowing down? Pushing forward without hesitation and never looking back? This story is for you.

Title: Simplicity at its Finest
Description: What is good? What is bad? It's up to you.

Title: Alone With Billy and Whispering Wayne
Description: That time I met a murderer in the forest...

Title: Meditation
Description: A moment in time, meditating in the woods.  Alive, all is still.

Title: The Four Stages of Eden
Description: Interpreting the Bible story, "The Garden of Eden".

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