Saturday, December 31, 2016

The Connection

What would you know without me? Without us? 
We give you a point to center yourself off from. 
Without me you would be a different you.
I am you and it's because you are me.
Don't you feel the connection?
Mark my mind if twar blind.
Instigate the inspection to find
that I am me and we are we 
and she is she so I am me.
He is he so she is she so I am me
because he is me and me is she and she is he.
So we are three people walking with insurmountable bounds
But if I am he and he is she and she is we then we are people who are alike.
I guess.

Without each other, we would never know these things.
Feel the connection.

Even if you don't achieve enlightenment or the mystical experience, you are still playing a perfect role in the process of helping all people awaken to a deeper version of themselves. For when that "all is one" feeling does occur, the realization that all-that-has-ever-happened-in-human-experience-is-absolutely-necessary-to-bring-you-to-where-you-are-now is finally realized. If this it's true, that the past leads to this present moment, then so too is the idea that is present moment is a past that will perfectly lead to a future present-moment. Therefore, the fact or idea that you are not currently enlightened (and possibly never will be) is absolutely necessary for humanity on a grander scale.

Friday, December 30, 2016

Spiritual Quotes

Once, on being asked by the Pharisees when the kingdom of God would come, Jesus replied, “The coming of the kingdom of God is not something that can be observed, nor will people say, ‘Here it is,’ or ‘There it is,’ because the kingdom of God is within you. (Luke 17:20-21)

There is no best way to live life. How can you live life? You are life. Life is living you. --Mooji

As your thumb can cover the sun, a concept can hide the truth. --Mooji

If you consult the mind as to who you are, you play into it's fabrication and projection of itself. Many faces we have worn, and always you have felt I am me. The I am me is the consciousness itself; the true and pure self. To know yourself beyond all faces, beyond all changes; this is what is possible. --Mooji

“Wandering re-establishes the original harmony which once existed between man and the universe.” Anatole France

Thursday, December 29, 2016


Only the soft sprinkles of a Spring rain can ease the pain of my dried-out soul.  Winter has taken its toll by burning me with the bitter cold frost bite of wicked winds and lack of life.  Now, with new buds blooming and birds singing their sweet songs, I remember what it was like to live life without a constant stream of madness sucking away at my energy, pulling me this way and that.  My tired body can finally rest.  My mind can slow down.  

As I ease my knees into a locked position upon my thighs, my eyes close and I again hear the hum of God vibrating in my ears.  It seems like years since I last connected to this source, but, of course, it’s only been a few hours.  The powers of this world are strong.  So long as I submit my will to their madness, I will never alleviate the sadness that I feel all around.  

Coming back to the sound of eternal vibration will lift my soul into elation and refresh the relationship between body and mind.  I find that these momentary lapses of maniacal delusion allow for the infusion of a sacred energy to spread throughout my limbs.  As if my sins were washed away by the rivers of life, a knife has been released from my heart so that I might start loving once again.  

By the end of this meditation, I feel more open to the world’s changing ways.  Its craze is satiated by the incubated passion that forever flows within my brain.  It’s all a game; even my name.  I release all effort to tame the torrential download of programs and remember that I need only to come back to the eternal buzz.  Because, that’s the truth.  It brings me into a state of youth and I become new once again.

Wednesday, December 28, 2016

Unspeakable Laughter

When it comes down to it, there is nothing left to do but have yourself a good laugh.

Unspeakable Laughter

A Movement Back to Spontaneity

Inspired by Alan Watts lecturing on the practice of Zen:

To try and explain life with and within the typical syntax of words and phrases is as clumsy as trying to drink water with a fork.  Therefore, it can be very difficult to make sense out of life if you are trying to do so through words.  The complexity of life is comparable to the masses of stars and nebula or the waves and fissures of a rock. These things are quite complex to define or describe, yet quite simple to understand through sense emotions or feelings.  To try and put this kind of order into words will always be beyond reason.  This is why one who attempts to define life will always fail.  If one believes they have a good grasp of this order or this life, then they should examine how they grew their own bones, how they came upon a certain experience, or how they managed to become a conscious being.

However, this is not how we are raised to perceive and relate to the world.  For instance, at a very young age we are taught to do away with spontaneity and to try to figure everything out, forming words into meaning.  The first thing we are taught are the names of everything.  We are taught that these other things are separate from the self.  Also, we are taught to behave consistently, like characters of a book.  It’s almost as if we take our cues for living from literature.  Life is not consistent.  It is quite unpredictable in almost every way.  Because we are brought up to develop ourselves into a certain someway, we are forced to develop a second self inside of ourselves.  This is the observing self that asks questions of conformity: Is what I do consistent? What will other people see?  Does what I do make sense?

In childhood, we are quite spontaneous.  As we grow older, we become more and more self conscious.  Worried about how others perceive us and what we do.  We try to make sense of ourselves through a correctly formulated strand of words and meaning.  We become rigid and conforming.  If only we could step back and see this nonsense for what it really is: trying to drink water with a fork.  There are those who regain this spontaneity in life, poets and artists, those who see the illusion of it all.  In recapturing this original freedom, they are making sense of the world through nonsensical frivolity, emotions and feeling rather than words and definitions.  To be carefree and separate from the ups and downs of life is much like gazing into the stars or looking upon a painting, no meaning necessary to appreciate the beauty that lies in front of you.  Abandon the want to form the stars into your own likeness.  Rather, watch in awe, without a care whether they stay or explode.  This is a Zen approach to life: the movement back to spontaneity.

Once you realize
that the road is the goal,
and that you are always on the road,
not to reach a goal,
but to enjoy its beauty and its wisdom,
life ceases to be a task,
and becomes natural and simple,
in itself an ecstasy…
--Sri Nisargadatta Maharaj

Tuesday, December 27, 2016

Still the Will

Our time is near, the coast is clear,
on a journey we must embark.
Leave the bags and take the rags.
Have faith like Noah and the Ark.
With the will, make all still.
Then, you will surely see.
Open your mind, leave all behind,
Then, you are truly free.
As you grow, you will know
that all is one magnificent being.
None will burn, and all will turn
singing praises to the King.

Monday, December 26, 2016


a man
had a plan
to save the world
from devastation.
Filled with altruism,
he sacrificed his body
so that others may see the light.
Some call him God, while others deny
that he came to the earth to free their souls.

Sunday, December 25, 2016

Once Upon a Time

He was an old, chubby man with pale skin and a snowy beard.  Dressed in a ruby-red dinner jacket, he reminded me of a cherry about to pop.  We met at a banquet hall on the east end of Ever After.  It was a fairy tale wedding and I was sitting at a neatly plated table.  

He approached me from behind and began poking at my shoulder with a saintly finger.  I turned to observe his robust form as he insisted that I was in his seat.  I assured him that I was properly placed and that I would not be moving.    In a huff, he stormed out of the room.  

Returning, he brought a worldly man, dressed in a striped shirt and cap.  The gentleman asked to see my name tag, which I gladly shared.  After giving it a quick glance, he bent down and whispered something into the chap’s ear.  

I could see the old boy’s anger rise as he realized the irony of the situation.   He began to wheeze audibly.  Now amused, I told him that I would move if he provided me with a nominal fee.  I smirked with vengeance, knowing that I had cornered him at last.

He began fumbling over his words, like Porky Pig struggling to express a deep-seated rage.  I bathed in the moment, letting it mend the many times I awoke to an empty tree.  Finally, after a lot of hoeing and hawing, he paid the toll.  

Before I left, I wanted to thank the tall gentleman for playing along, but I couldn’t find him.  No matter, my story had a sweet ending.  I mused about the evening as I sauntered back to my bridge.  Santa flies his sleigh and trolls don’t make the nice list.  I guess this is why.