Friday, September 30, 2016

Polychromatic Promise

Dewy drops of light
bring a radiantial sight:

For from the sky
it's not an arc,
but a symbol, divinely marked;

a promise ring for the earth
meant to bring a newfound birth.

From this disc, we derive
that God wants us to be alive.
A spoken token for our planet
that we should not take for granted.

As misty vapor percolates,
a mystic rainbow circulates.

Copyright 2015. JourneyHolm. All Rights Reserved.

haiku (O look, a rainbow)

O looka rainbow

piercing night with ultra bright

laser beams of light

Copyright 2015. JourneyHolm. All Rights Reserved.

Zeus' Benevolence

Ambrosia fields of plenty
Beget meals for many
Cornucopia gatherings and
Delicious banquets that brew
Effervescent libations, elations ensue
For the omniscient and omnipotent

Gods of yore, filling themselves with great
Helpings that pile upon their plate
In mounds that mimic creation--
Jellies and jams bathing the land,
Kissing countrysides and
Loving the deep caresses of cool valleys.

Mountaintops are but dropped scraps
'Neath deity's laps,
On which humans wage war--
Pursuing riches and power,
Quarreling hour after hour:
Revealing our limited understanding of life.

Stomaches full, growing bored,
The gods turn their attention toward
Us, a race built upon
Vicious interventions, believing, audaciously,
We will, progressively,
Xerox their heaven upon our earth...

Yet, we're building with crumbs and waste:
Zeus' benevolence, "Let them taste."

Copyright 2015. JourneyHolm. All Rights Reserved.

Thursday, September 29, 2016

A Seasoned Mind

From the mind, ideas grow like trees.
The trunk is the root of knowledge. 
From it, sprout many branches 
which are belief systems. 
Ideas are born. 
They sprout like leaves 
and will change 
will trim 
some branches, 
shaping the tree 
into something great. 
Unless one understands 
that it’s watered by the soul, 
the true nature won’t be revealed 
and the tree will grow out of control.

Copyright 2015. JourneyHolm. All Rights Reserved.


A hungry group of students peck away at magical keys, creating letters on an illuminated screen in hopes they do not freeze.  Each child has a unique mind and perspective, yet all are here for the same thing—to learn who they are, why they are here, and how to seize hold of the infinite power that runs through their veins.  Education creates the ability to think, a technique many have not yet mastered.  Through thought comes clarity, insight, and inspiration.  It is important for students to realize that thinking for one’s self is the doorway to happiness.  In a world with so much sadness, it is of utmost importance for this new generation to realize the truth behind these words.

Without a Phone

Without a phone, I am alone.

The masses pass by
sucked into screens
absorbed in a culture
of cyberworld dreams.

They move forward together
like fish in a school
ushered to nowhere
by media’s tools.

The real world is fading,
just drifting away
while I’m left debating
society’s decay.

I live in a generation
consumed by devices
a time when reality
no longer entices

us to the point
where we’ve closed ourselves off
where talking’s taboo
and eye contact is scoffed.

I fear that this crutch
will become more than a prop
that soon we’ll no longer
be able to stop

the hypnosis of screens
held in our hands
and technologia
that slowly commands

our minds to submit
to illumined displays
until we’ve been drained
of humanly ways.

It’s the end of interaction,

the fractioning of existence
as sentient beings
and a movement toward
cyborg machines.

I think before long
we’ll integrate in our brains
microchips and small wires
and synthetic strains

that alter our genes
to advance our species--
an army of robots
that no longer he – shes.

We’ll become an interconnected system,
unified with all of humanity’s wisdom.
Alone and at home, we’ll plug into walls
to charge up our cells and download protocols.

When all minds are combined
and know everything
there’s no point in conversing
or so it would seem.

Why would you rehearse words on a train
when everyone knows everything in your brain?

They know what you’d say
and how you would say it
and you’d know that they know
because they’d relay it
through a similar system
like the internet,
something so advanced
we can’t even fathom it yet.

Maybe its just evolution at play
and really everything I’m trying to say
are the words of a grandpa
remembering the days
when kids ran around in physical play.

Perhaps I’m stuck
reminiscing a style
where people beguiled
and took more than awhile
to share their stories for no reason at all.

Ah, nevermind, I see you’re getting a call.


Enter into a state of transcendence.
No time but the present.
Life is experienced in the here and now.
In and out will merge together.
God is finally recognized.
He is she, she is he, and I am them.
Together we are one.
Energy showers the body from head to toe.
No words can express this feeling.
Meaning becomes meaningless.
Even enlightenment is without form.
No one can show you the way.
This is the way.

A Drop in the Ocean

When I get out of bed, I remember the last thing that God said, which was in my mind.  

I find that a reflection of this introspection first thing will bring a spring of grace into the day.  It may be in the form of a cookie crumb, the use of my thumb, or some other ordinary sight.  I might see it as God, or upon later reflection He'll prod at my thought until I realize the story I'd bought from the world earlier that day.  

If I pray for this insight, I fight against what already is.  Like a wizard spinning magic from thin air, it is clear that God is here, right now.  Whether in the cow or in a cloud, I can see beyond the veil.  

So, all hail the King of the Cosmos, the dealer of rainbows in the multifaceted hands of life.  The sharpest edge of a knife cannot slice away His being.  

I am seeing that even the tiniest sliver which can be cut is but a drop in the ocean of God.

Mindful Moments

Let the moment free your mind.

Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Waves of Emotion

We are like an ocean.  In our deepest depths we are calm and steady, filled with undiscovered treasures.  On the surface, we rage with fierce emotion, both good and bad.  Don’t ever try to feel something aside from how you feel.  

It would be like a wave trying to wash out another wave.  It makes no sense.  Let go and flow!

There will be storms and there will be calm.  These waves are never separate from the ocean.  If ever either emotion overwhelms, don’t be afraid to let go and sink down into your depths.  It’s always alright down there.  

When you are ready, come back up and experience those wonderful waves of life!

A Reminder

Shapeshifter of light, burning bright,
piercing through the dark of night,
bringing dawn to man
from eternal span,
with holy plan.
Can you stand its power,
in the wake and hour of hope?
Through minute scope
we grab the rope to be lifted
without any real faith.
The gift is right here.
Right now.
In this how and when.
When we see again our connection,
through introspection and correction
of our understanding of the ALL,
we will fall on our knees,
beg and plead
to have another shot.
Not to win or remove sin,
but to recognize the spot
where we and everything will begin.
The here.
The now.
We are living in the Garden,
yet continue to harden
the neuroplasticity of our mind,
hoping to someday find a cure
in the spur and rush of time
for all that reminds us of what we are not.
We wish to forget
how we beget the world to and fro.
Know the sacred.
Sow the seeds of peace.
Release the concrete heart you hide.
Inside, the surprise is waiting.
Do what you want,
but know that it's already been done.
The fun is still to be had.
The fads are changing and so are you.
Which way will you go?
How will you grow?
Tow and anchor a higher realm.
Turn this world upside down
so that a frown is a smile
and a smile is a mile long.
If not, it's not wrong,
unless you think so.
Be strong
like the scarecrow
and defend the fields with all your might.
You might come to understand
that you are guarding sacred land.
See how free one can be
in stillness.
The glee is overwhelming.
A blanket of electrified air
chills the body,
raising tiny hairs.
Tears flow.
Happiness ensues.
Use this as a reminder.
Take off the blinder.
Remember you are the finder.
It is you.
It is here.
It is now.

Tuesday, September 27, 2016

Lessons from a seedling

If a tiny acorn accepted life as it was, it would never transform into the mighty oak tree.

Find the land that is nowhere.  That is where you will find home.


Sunday, September 25, 2016


Let me hold your attention as I mention a brief instance of time and space.  It was by the grace of her majesty, the Queen of Old, who told me about the tilde above her name that I had forgotten to score.  The more she breathed aberrations, the sensations of sound piled in my ear like a queer mound of clear ground that couldn’t be parted.  I started to imply that I was of no use in her tirade, but this made her speak even louder, like the sound of thunder booming only meters away.  Hearing her say these things in inaudible fashion spurred a passion of wit deep within my bosom.  A blossoming idea to take her words and twist the juice out of them like a lemon diluted in a cup of water.  I asked her a simple question, which was if she could explain herself once more. This time, with more attitude, for I didn’t want to be rude and was to make sure that I heard everything correct.  She suspected something in my ironic tone and hung up the phone before I could pursue my inquiry. The query remains the same.  

Alas, I couldn't forget her ill-begotten words.  Like swords plunged into my chest, they wrenched my soul...