Wednesday, November 30, 2016

Life's Hidden Lessons

Life is a series of hidden lessons.  Once a lesson has been “grasped,” the truth of the lesson changes and what you thought you learned is steadily devalued until it is no longer true in your life.  This cycle never ends.  So long as breath pours through the body, mysteries will steadily reveal themselves and then go on to prove that they were never the answer. 

So, let go.  Holding on too tight will make you stagnant.  Life is like the flames of a fire, unpredictable and uncontainable.  To say the flame is this or that is only momentary.  To delude yourself into thinking you know the truth of the flame is to live in the past, not seeing the present or opening up to the future.

Tuesday, November 29, 2016

Why did the Chicken Cross the Road?

Why did the chicken cross the road?
Perhaps to reach his humble abode. 
But it was snowy and icy on that fateful day
and the middle of the street was no place to play.
During the crossing,
a driver was flossing,
unaware of the chicken ahead.
He slammed on his breaks,
but under the flakes,
lay the chicken, silent and dead.
Now we know to drive real slow
when the roads are filled with fluffy white snow.

Monday, November 28, 2016

Your Move

He wrote a poem cloaked in syntax. The facts lack, but the truth is clear.
I do not fear the repercussions of this tale.
If I fail to boil a better brew of ideology, will you follow me?
Breaking the law and reaping its harvest, the continuous flow continues
on into the next line...
Will you find that this is prose?
Who knows what is what.
Is a dream fact or fiction?
My addiction makes me wonder. So i plunder your mind.
One more time, will you fail to realize?
The surprise is supreme. It means a bit more of what you think.
So think. 
It's your move.

Saturday, November 26, 2016

Life of a Toilet

A life of a toilet--
pissed all over
covered in slime.

I know that mine
hasn't been cleaned
in over a year.

It's clear
that living
are growing on its surface.

So, is it alive?

Dive into
its fountain of youth.

Turn your head against the torpedoes.
Where nobody goes--
the darkest melodies.

In the end,
the porcelain throne
is a target of obsession--

gives option
of eternal thanks
for abled

Care to weigh
your seat
against it?

It wouldn't be
the first time.

Friday, November 25, 2016

haiku (Sitting on the Pot)

sitting on the pot
hunched and pushing for dear life
I groan and give birth

Thursday, November 24, 2016

Thanks Giving

Slowly, he raised his cup to his forehead, blessing its contents and thanking God for its sustenance and nutrition.  Opening his eyes revealed a deeper understanding of the meaning of this meal.  There was more than just food sitting on this table made of alabaster wood.  It was a gift from the universe that was meant to propel us into higher vibrational frequencies and understandings of our time together.  

We recognized that every movement we made was a movement in and throughout a sacred space.  Every word was a noted choice rather than a necessity. With each syllable, we made the decision to express only the deepest levels of our soul.  Moving slowly, we took each other’s hands and bowed our heads in prayer.  Relating our thanks and cherishing this and every experience that arose within our fields of consciousness, the fogs of our minds cleared and we again began to realize our connectedness to the all.  

For a brief moment, the lights in the room dimmed and our spirits shone forth a bright array of translucent colors and patterns.  Honeycomb pillars of fire and webs of life hung in the corners of our field of vision.  After we finished expressing our tokens of appreciation for this and every moment to come, we ended with the hum of Om, the ancient primordial reverberation of our and everyone’s ancestral origins.

Echoed back to us were chimes and pulsations that brought the light back to its original luminescence.  We looked and smiled at each other because we knew how interconnected we really were.  This was not the first time we had shared this feeling.  Each time, however, was like a special gift.  When this gift was opened, the present was presence and it allowed us to linger in a state beyond the realm of time.  The essence of these meanderings and internalized emotion made us cachinnate deep belly laughs that cleared our lungs and enlightened our chests.  Our bodies became energized with tiny electrical sensations.  The totality of it all would have brought us to tears if we hadn’t experienced it before.

With a great sigh, we gently lifted our utensils and began consuming the organic feast that lay before us.  Each bite was an exquisite gustatory sensation that exceeded the last.  With eyes partially shut, we experienced the juicy passion of the meal at hand.  Each of us felt extremely grateful for this opportunity to share the warmth and nutrition of this meal.  Sidelong glances with smiling eyes indicated that we all felt the same way.  Smirks of understanding and happiness kindled the vibration an even higher level.  

The meal itself took many hours to complete.  From the moment we began making it to when the last morsel of food was absorbed into our systems, it spanned nearly the entire day.  We were never in a hurry to start or finish such projects.  The act and interaction in these times was the core of the festivities.  We found out long ago how to take our sweet time and appreciate every moment as it came and went.  We often took all forms of hiatus to dance, sing, stretch, or laugh.  The silliness was part of the purpose for these times.  Like children, we molded our creation in whichever ways we desired.  Whether it was lava cake or spaghetti sewers, the pure essence of it all held a holy spirit of communion that was typically experienced only in dreams.  

When our session was complete, we again bowed and paid our respects to all the plants, animals, hard work, and energy that went into creating this meal.  After the prayer, we sat in stillness for quite some time.  Nothing need be said, for it was in the stillness that every part of the day culminated in absolute beauty and tranquility.  Lifting our heads, our eyes rested on the soft show of polychromatic flora.  Before us lay a bouquet of five flowers that sat in an ornate vase upon the table.  Each fragrant blossom was a symbol of our friendship, growing in sweet individual essence and becoming even more wonderful when organized together. We each took one and promised to add it to our personal collection of pressed relics from similar times passed.  Hugs and a few tears formed as we embraced in an effort to remember this time until the next. 

Quietly and carefully I descended the steps from this magical place of worship.  We never knew when the next time might be that we could get together in this way, but we knew that it would arrive whenever the time was right.  On my way home that evening, I understood how important it is to make every moment, every movement, and every choice a conscious decision to raise your awareness of every moment, every movement, and every choice.  In life, we need only to slow down and feel the motion of your body and consciousness interact with all of reality in order to experience a fullness of life.  Doing so will amplify our humanity and connectedness to the entire universe.  Again, I cried a hearty and abundant laugh.  Chanting and recanting the sounds of old, I drove off into the depths and dark of the night.

Wednesday, November 23, 2016


Turkey basting and
Ham tasting
Amidst family and friends.
November's feast--
Kings and queens would be jealous--
Genuine hospitality
In all walks of life.
Visions of sugarplums draw near.
Imitating the original feast.
Nice and neat, right?
Gather all.

Friday, November 18, 2016

Thursday, November 17, 2016

Shifting the Planet

Personal power, the desire to become something or to show others that you can be something, is the dominate energy on this planet. This planet will only change for the better when we give up this strive for personal power and gain, and begin to live without want or need to have anything at all. Ourselves and the world cannot be whole when catering to the ego.

If only we could stop, if but for a moment, when angry or in opposition to someone and ask ourselves, "What can I learn in this moment, or why is my mind closed right now?" I think reflection on this answer could change the world.

Wednesday, November 16, 2016

Clarity in the Abstract

The abstract is difficult to manifest and express into reality because of its undefined nature.  The brain has a hard time grasping at meaning when there is no clear definition or defined boundary of the idea.  Once something has been labeled, it is much easier to think about.  However, the depth we take this labeled idea to is incomparable to the depths that one must go to bring forth the abstract.  Don't let it slip from your mind, for the clarity is already fading.

Monday, November 14, 2016

Simplicity is Finest

A perfunctory tune may ruin our vibe, but a tribe set against singing too loudly might have intended for this absence of energy all along.  What we deem as wrong might be right for another.  Our brothers across the globe move with the sound of nature surrounding their peripheral being.  While we cling to format and regimented creations, their elations come from a natural setting. 

I’m betting that the bird chirps as it ought to, for it has got to give all that it has in order to continue its upward flight.  In spite of the reckless nomenclature we base our society around, the ground still stands sturdy, even though the birdy has evolved beyond this realm.  Let us use film to track our journey as we expand our minds in a time of great change.  In the end, our range will be great.  Hopefully we can relate to the simple sounds of our primal relatives once again.

The Past

The past is a prison that shackles the mind
for if you reflect, what do you find?
Emotional extremes, whether they're good or their bad;
recollection of times that we all once had.

The bad, it plagues us as we carry its weight.
The good, it taunts us if we don't continue the great.
If you are lost in this distant, cold cell
then maybe your mind is dwelling in hell.

The truth is that there is only the moment,
so be here now and fully own it.

Thursday, November 10, 2016

Inventing Your Life

Frustration should lead to innovation, so, inventors, beget solutions to the confusions that you see.  Let this be an inspiration to succeed.  Heed these words.  Move towards that which you desire.  Ignite the fire of passion, forget the rationing of your time, and find that the best part of life can be right now.  

How? Plow forward like a bull seeing red.  Get it in your head that no one can stop you but yourself.  Recognize that your wealth resides within and lift your chin to see that the light is shining in your own eyes.  The surprise will be how your dreams pan out, because after you shout to the world what you want to manifest, all you have to do is continue trying your best and the universe will lead you down the right road.   

Let loose the load of strife that you’ve been carrying all throughout life.  It’s like a knife twisted in your side that you hide from your friends as you are twirled to and fro, reluctant to show the pain that you feel.  Even though it's real, you pretend that you don’t care.  You share mere fragments of your soul and use the rest to feed the troll that you’ve invented to keep you company during times of depression.  

The moment of hesitation has passed.  At last, you can break free and see that you are completely resilient to the brilliant scam that has been pulled over your eyes for far too long.  Now that you’re strong, rise up and take on whichever challenge that you wish to overcome.  Recognize that, as a rule of thumb, things will be difficult at first.  You’ll burst from the starting line, climbing over any obstacles in your way.  However, one day you’ll fall and call your efforts a waste of breath.  

Whether or not you believe these lies will be the true test that allows you to either realize that there is a desperate need to push on or if you’ll be cast aside, gone from the world and ready to hide behind whatever  deception you choose to believe next so that everything will seem alright.  Your heart will fight inside your chest for you to try your best once again, but, in the end, it might not win.  

Let it be known that this is a great sin, the quitting of your quest.  Lest you wish to become old too soon, I suggest you festoon yourself with the armor of spirit.  Hear it calling your name once again.  This isn’t the end.  It’s only just begun.

Monday, November 7, 2016

Year 1

A satirical interpretation of the 2016 election madness:

The year is 1.  We've been deceived by our president and overpowered by the Russian President, Vladimir Putin.  He swooped in like a horseman of the apocalypse, bringing in war and disparity.  America, once a nation full of promise, has been knocked to its knees.  The spirit of liberty and happiness is extinct.  Welcome to the revelation of mankind, the divine disclosure of existence coming to an end. 

It all began in the Gregorian calendar year of 2017.  New president, Bernie Sanders, was elected as commander and chief of the United States.  His campaign ran on a foundation of promise provided for and by the people.  The election campaigns were a tight race.  Hillary Clinton was the forerunner, followed closely by socialist Sanders, and business tycoon Donald Trump. 

Everyone thought that Hillary would become the first female president.  However, just before the elections, she was arrested by the FBI for conspiracy to supplant key positions in the parliament.  They dragged her to prison kicking and screaming.  It wasn't a pretty sight.

With Hillary out of the picture, the burden fell on Bernie Sanders' shoulders to clench a quick victory before the madman Donald Trump took power.  Everyone feared for the reputation of the United States if Trump became president.  Without hesitation, the majority of Americans voted for Sanders and laughed as Trump tried to talk his way out of defeat.

During the first year of President Sanders' reign, everything seemed to be going very well.  He implemented a universal health care system that provided free medical relief for any legal citizen of the United States.  He raised minimum wages so that everyone was making an equitable income, and even managed to tax the super wealthy and distribute the funds throughout the nation's educational systems.  Those who remembered, equated the state of prosperity and happiness to that of the 1950s.  People rejoiced as Sanders seemingly met all American's needs.

Beginning his second year as president, Sanders promoted a peace treaty with many different countries around the world.  He promised a world full of wealth and abundance, much like what was happening in the U.S.  One country he was particularly fond of bonding with was Russia and its president, Vladimir Putin.  Sanders promised that this relationship would pave a new path for humanity.  Little did we know the extent of his promise.

The U.S. and Russian military joined together and began taking away the rights of citizens.  The economy collapsed and was rebuilt into a digital chip system.  If anyone wanted to buy or sell, they had to be implanted with a microchip.  The chip also provided access to universal health care, personal information, internet access and much more.  Although this devilish device was optional at first, eventually it became nearly impossible to survive without it. 

Small contingents of U.S. rebels fought against the quickly growing oppressive regime.  They were soon defeated, dispersed, or disbanded by overwhelming military and financial power.  Those who remained fled into the mountains. 

Near the end of the summer, black helicopters blotted out the sky.  The choppers fired down rubber ammunition on all the vehicles and pedestrians in the streets, subduing all citizens much too easily.  Black clad military personnel swarmed the area and ushered unmarked citizens into giant holding facilities reminiscent of football stadiums. We later realized the facilities were abandoned Walmarts.

I was one of the many who were still unmarked by the new currency exchange system, commonly called the chip.  In the stadiums, men were separated from women and children, and forced to run laps until they couldn't run any longer.  Drained and terrified, many men reluctantly agreed to receive the chip. 

There was a man wearing big, round spectacles on a stage that had a gun resembling a sort of syringe.  He put it to the men's forearm and, with the decompressing sound of a nail gun, shot the chip deep into the arm's muscle tissue.  The sound was sickening and the men screamed in pain.

I refused to be marked by such beasts.  Those of us who refused to receive the chip were tied, gagged, and hooded.  As several of the military men escorted us out of the room, I heard a military general reeducating the crowd.  "The year is 1," he commanded.  "You are now part of a global alliance of national powers invested in the betterment of humanity.  Those who refuse to participate will be imprisoned.  Those who join will be set free." 

As his voice faded into the past, I wondered how I could escape this terrible nightmare of a dream.  This was something straight out of the scriptures, something no one had ever anticipated.  Revelations may be real, but the rapture is incomplete.  Thrown into a holding cell, I found a rock and began scratching against the wall, marking this message for humanity.

The Delusion of the Illusion of Control

The delusional illusion of control slipping grants the gripping state of anxiety.  Proprietarily speaking, it’s all in your head.  Reality is a reflection said by the sayer of couth intellect.  Inspect more deeply, for external chaos is the perception of internal calamity written across blank pages that we interpret as this or that in relation to our circumstance and state of mind.  Find that it’s always been this way and always will be.  Choose to breath, or don’t.  Freedom is here.  You have the key.  Set yourself free...if you want.