Sunday, February 5, 2017

It's All YOU!

The purpose of life is not material gain, or love, or enlightenment. The purpose of life is to recognize that you are alive right now. Seriously, look at yourself! Out of all the universe and its incredible span of time you are here, right now!

You are the doer, the knower, the thinker, the lover, the lost, the found, the timeless, and the bound. It's YOU! You are here reading this. You could be "not reading this," but that is impossible, now, isn't it?

Do you know who you are? You are way cool, that's for sure. Try to be something else...It's all you! It's all in your head. Let loose your eyes and see without judgement or strain, for you are judging nothing but yourself and straining against your own mind. 

YOU are the sum total of YOUr experience. YOU are all that YOU have experienced. All that YOU think YOU know is from YOUr experience.

Truth is not a clearly defined formation of words. It is a beingness.

Live it. Do it. Be it. See it. What will you do with it?

You will forget, but try to remember this truth again and again until it is permanent. Deny it, you will.

Wednesday, February 1, 2017

Predators of the Night

Prompt: Write an ABC poem. It contains five lines. You may begin your poem with any letter of the alphabet. The next three lines must follow sequence. So if you start with the letter "G" the next line must start with the letter "H". The last line can begin with any letter of the alphabet.


Jungle cats stalk the night
Killing swiftly out of sight
Life for them is midnight quarry
Making many mothers worry
Gather your loved ones

Nocturnal villain's gleaming tooth
Opens flesh to end a youth
Prowling devil makes no sound
Quiet breathing holds no bound
Hope wanes in short supply

Roars are for the cats of day
Stealing silence in a way
That jungle cats never claim
Unless it ends their stealthy game
Intense stillness

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