Friday, July 21, 2017

Dead Banana Bread

My wife said she’d make me banana bread,
so I got it in my head that soon I’d be fed,
but I was misled.

Now, I dread that this newly wed,
has bred false hope, and instead
the idea is in the red.

I pled with my coed,
“You made your bed! Now bake my bread!”
but she fled.

Alas, the last thread of buttery spread,
embedded in my brain has been shredded.
The idea is dead.

Tuesday, July 11, 2017

Dividing Differences

If you're looking for differences, I've got a few.
But to what degree is up to you.
We're all different, so we're the same.
A different name playing a different game.
You, me, we are parts to a whole;
a total much greater than ourselves. 
Yet, I see you where you stand, because here I am.

Down and up, lost and found, and everything in between
are the differences that teach us lessons
and provide purpose in the unknowable experience (experiment?) called life.
Experienced experimenters navigate the oceans consciously.
They see the surface, but know its depths.
Beware of monsters.

Early in the morning, a man rises and prepares for his day.
Later that evening, he goes to bed a completely different person.
At night, he disappears into abstract realms he’ll never remember.
Tomorrow, he’ll try to become something other than he is,
unknowingly creating struggles that will ultimately lead
to greater truths for his life and many others to follow.
Then he dies.

Yesterday, was good. Never forget it,
but do not let it lead you astray today.
Be. Here. Now. This very moment.
Slow down. Breathe. In. Out.
This has never happened before
and it will never happen again.
Let it go and find the next bit of beauty.

"The World is on Fire" -- Mt. Shasta Camping, Hiking, and Meditation

In this video and poem, I share several clips and pictures of my 2017 vacation to Northern California, Mount Shasta Wildlife Reserve.  While there, I went hiking, swimming, and camping around the summits and base of the mountain.  These lyrics are a mix of reflections from several of my meditations.

The world is on fire,
burning with desire
taking humans higher
and ensuring nothing ever stays the same.

Past, future
delusions of the mind,
trapping us in time
and the lower realms of Set;
begetting distractions
which take us out of the now
and puts us into a play,
the game called life.

Knife through the veil
and impale the expectations
of society
with a sobriety of mindfulness
and zen-like focus.

Hocus pocus and magic all around
lucid breeze, earth, and ground
see the dream for what its worth,
but recognizing that birth and death
are but a flash in our soul’s existence
and soon you will become awakened and see
that the world is on fire--
inspiring perpetual change,
and a shattering of concepts
to those who choose to burst into flames.

Self and its shell 
our earthly vehicle
so the Merkaba of light,
soul’s interdimensional flight
can be experienced once again.

Until then,
the dark night of our soul’s journey
through the cosmos
and all planes of existence,
the upward spiraling experience
is YOU!
You rainbow warrior of light
hanging out in the badass sector
of the Milky Way at night.

Saying no to evolution,
as visionaries who see the simulation,
and carefully inspire the matrix.

A planet of listless zombies,
the lost and blind,
fueled by Hunger Games
and the norms and forms
of economies
which create skull drudgeries
and monotonous routines
making life seem stale.
But, in reality, the Holy Grail,
is here,
the promise of immortality,
is now,
is in the moment,
for the totality of creation
is happening all around,
pouring forth from source
into your heart, a part of it all.

Like a cascade of currents
washing downstream
and over the slick surface
of sanded stone
we are one in the river
and one again after the fall.
Serj Tankian calls it home.

You, me, we.
Him, her, us, them, it.
Source it’s all.

For a moment,
our decent is silent
as we explore withdrawal,
but life is short
and we will merge as one
in a new world
promised to humanity
that is coming very, very soon.

Until then, tune into the perfume of here,
whether we’re on a mountain
or near a fountain,
in a stream or in a dream,
hiding away in a nook
or absorbed in a book,
enlightenment is found all around.

A zen master once said that
there are no enlightened beings,
only enlightened actions.

A master’s practice is rapturous
every day, from dawn til dusk
and beyond
until the world dissolves
and all evolve.

So, let’s dance,
like flames that rise and fall,
spark up and douse out,
igniting what once was,
shedding light on the now,
and creating space for the future
because of one word and one word only:

the reason for this slow burn
that takes billions of years
is a series of lessons
guiding us toward divinity,
and impermanence.

It helps us understand
the meaning of life,
it’s why we exist,
it’s where we came from
and where we are going:

Unconditional LOVE.
God’s way
to nurture us during our metamorphosis
amidst Genesis and Tribulations,
until we are ready to come home
and create something similar
as adults,
children of God,
and creators of the Universe.